A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Shadow leaper is a 2D Arcade Platformer made using the Godot 3.1.1 Engine. The Game has 4 Difficulty settings, i recommend playing on the casual difficulty if you’re starting out and get the hang of it. The Game is supposed to be fast paced. It is divided among 10 Levels some of which are very difficult to complete especially on harder difficulty modes. The Game saves your high scores, so you can always beat your high score if you complete the game.

The Game has many hidden paths and items which will make your game easier or difficult depending on what you do. keep in mind this is not a rage game and isn’t designed to be that way, it’s a fast paced game where you require patience and practice to get through, however you can always try speed running through the game and the game has a lot of potential for that because of many different tricks you can perform to improve your completion time.

This version of the game is complete and is runs on Windows 7 or above, Linux, MacOS.

The games runs really well on Linux as it was developed on it using open source tools.

It has full controller support

Install instructions

Extract the file and run the executable.


Shadow Leaper [Windows 64 bit].rar 18 MB
Shadow Leaper [Windows 32 bit].rar 17 MB
Shadow Leaper [Mac OS].rar 25 MB
Shadow Leaper [Linux 64 bit].rar 20 MB
Shadow Leaper [Linux 32 bit].rar 20 MB

Development log


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fun idea, but the control over the jump is bit hard and when you click "DownArrow" it falls too fast and again it's hard to control..

Thanks for playing dude.  i wanted to keep the  falls fast with down arrow so the play has a dilemma, either they have  patience or fall slowing and have more control altogether, or they can trust their gut and just go for it. I thought it might be fun that way. If you're having any problems controlling  it you can try using a controller, or using the 's' key for stomp or the 'w' or 'space' key for jump, this way you can play with both hands at once.

The thing that hurts is when you lose, you get the feeling that you lost out of nowhere. It is absolutely a feature of your game's mechanic but it was an annoying experience for me.

wish you best..

The game is great mechanics are awesome too had fun playing it :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Thank you so much for the kind words, you really made my day. This is the first time anyone has ever recorded game play footage for one of my games, i feel really honored. Hope you keep getting more subs. Have a great day.


I'm so glad you liked it and so happy for making you happy keep it up  and thank you so much for watching :D